Short Sale – Non-Profit Housing Program

Dear Joseph Greib,

I just wanted to put down in writing what I thought about my experience with Joe Greib, John Badeen, Ron Nagy and Heather Greib at First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services and Todd Burk at Southwest Lending Solutions. In a Word – GRATEFUL!

The patience and care each of you took to get me through this difficult situation was beyond measure. Joe you and your staff that I spoke to, each put me at ease that everything would work out for the better. From the appraiser that came to appraise the house, to Frank Ioli at E-Title, and Todd at Southwest. Each of you played a part and each of you kept my mind at ease that this issue would be handled professionally and without me having to pack up and move where I did not want to go. You kept me abreast of what was happening at each stage and was never too busy to take my phone call with a question even if it was something simple. I look forward to the next stage of this process with Hanna Robey at Southwest Housing Solutions to get me back on the right track.

My sincere thanks to you and your group. THANK YOU


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