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I have used Joe Greib and his team for nearly a dozen short sales over the past 4 years. None of them have been easy! During my last short sale (which we successfully closed on December 4, 2013) took many months. Most of this was due to complications stemming from my client’s marital situation. The process called for an extra level of work that needed to be coordinated. During the process we lost the first buyers due to interest rates ticking up, so had to start over with new buyers, which at least came quickly. This meant Joe had to do all the work over again. He is the picture of patience. He doesn’t get ruffled, and many times needs to settle me down. He has a great system of reporting and keeping everyone updated in a timely manner. He always answers his calls and responds promptly. He is the only person I would consider using in a short sale, and the only reason I will accept them as listings. If they won’t hire Joe, I won’t take the listing.

I can highly recommend him for any transaction you may need … resulting in a closed transaction.

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