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First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services

Our vision at First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services is quite simple. We work diligently to see to it that our clients are relieved of their debts and liabilities with their mortgage lender(s). Generating short sale approvals to help clients to achieve their goals of short selling their homes has been our Firm’s primary focus since 2008. We have successfully closed numerous short sale transactions resulting in multi-millions of dollars in savings for our clients.

First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services is proud of being a part of the solution for so many people and families that have benefited from those short sale closings. We are equally proud to know we assisted in helping them to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy and sleepless nights.

Although, we have a strong dedication to our clients, our vision doesn’t end with just homeowners alone. We feel we have a duty to the brokers and agents that refer their clientele to us.

Short sale negotiations are usually a long, stressful, tedious & demanding process. Also, the short sale process does not come without liabilities. First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services has set a goal to help brokers and agents relieve themselves of short sale task & liabilities. This benefits the agents and brokers by removing the stress and worries associated with short sale negotiations and activities. In addition agents and brokers can stay focused on listing and selling short sale properties as well as staying focused on building their listing inventory, showing homes and other responsibilities. Our proven short sale system helps keep real estate careers healthy and stabilized and has quickly become an industry standard with many brokers and agents.

In Summary, our main goals are to assist home owners experiencing hardships that wish to sell their homes through the short sale process at no upfront cost.
Also, we are here to assist brokers and agents in facilitating that same professional service and provide the needed experience necessary for processing and negotiating a short sale payoff for their clients.

Our fee structure – It is clear to us that the seller is already in a difficult financial position and we do not want to add to that problem. That being said, as our regular practice we exhaust every avenue to have the seller’s legal fee paid through the short sale. Over several years of practice we have developed multiple ways to collect our fee from other resources rather than digging in to the seller’s pocket. There are no up-front or hidden costs to the sellers. Our fee is $2,950.00 or one percent of the sale price, whichever is greater.

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