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First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services

Since 2008 our Firm’s primary goal at First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services has been working to help home owners to become free and clear of their debts and liabilities with their mortgage lenders through the short sale process.

Our mission is to set a high standard in the short sale industry, therefore we are committed to quality customer service, communication and putting our clients first. You will find that our professionalism in processing & negotiating a short sale is exceptional. We recognize that good communication with our clients, their lender(s) and all other parties involved, greatly increases the chances of a successful short sale closing experience.

First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services understands the importance of the Broker/Client relationship and knows how delicate they can sometimes become. Therefore, we have always remained focused on servicing the clientele of brokers and agents that seek our expertise upholding the highest level of integrity possible. We pride ourselves on loyalty and dedication to brokers, agents and our clients who retain us.

Our history and testimonials will show how we specialize with emphasis on personalized attention to the approach for each individual short sale case which is a big part of our company model. In achieving such a diverse technique we recognize that hiring the right people for the job is crucial. We feel employing people with experience in the lending and real estate business keeps us a leg up the competition. We train our employees to keep up on industry changes and programs offered by Government and private lenders. This re-enforces our employee’s ability to offer re-assurance of a seller’s possibilities of a short sale working out or not early on in the pre-qualifying process. In addition our training includes the use of a comprehensive computerized tracking system that allows for daily updated information on file progress for all parties.

First Security Mortgage Relief Legal Services finds the key element in customer and file retention is to keep all parties informed of the progress and keeps their best interest in mind through-out the short sale process.. Our training gives us the tools to provide this peace of mind. We realize how important it is to keep the buyers informed to avoid them developing buyer’s remorse.

Our involvement in this process means a smoother, quicker transaction all the while keeping tensions and frustrations controlled.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let us go to work for you!

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